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Fine Handcrafted Jewelry

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Original Designs of
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Uniquely beautiful handcrafted jewelry with pearls, gemstones, gold, sterling silver, including highly tarnish-resistant Argentium sterling silver, sparkling touches of Swarovski crystals, colorful surprises, smooth lustrous surfaces and expert craftsmanship!

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Jewelry Extender Chains

If you want to update your short necklaces to the currently fashionable longer style, or your new necklace would be more comfortable if it was just a bit longer, or the outfit you're wearing today would look better with a longer necklace, then use an extender chain to...

Instantly make your necklaces longer!

Sterling silver necklace extender chain with clasp and solid silver dangle 14k gold-filled extender chain with Swarovski crystal Argentium extender chain

Start by choosing a necklace extension with a similar chain weight and “look” as your necklace. Attach the extender chain's clasp to the end ring of your necklace. Then attach the clasp of your necklace to any link on the chain to make your necklace the perfect length for you and whatever you're wearing that day. You can choose a different length every day!

The extender chains we make at ColorSpark Studio are not only practical, they're also pretty! Most end with a decorative bead or ring for an enticing finishing touch. If your hair is short or you've put it up for the day, it may be the first part of your necklace people see.