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To begin your purchase:

When you find an item you'd like to purchase, click once on its “Add to Shopping Bag” button. You'll see the Added to Bag number increase.

While you're shopping, you can see the list of items you've chosen by clicking on Shopping Bag at the top of each page. You can change quantities, remove or add new items, and calculate shipping anytime before starting the checkout process.

When you've chosen all your items, and are ready to complete your order, click on Checkout in the top right corner of any page. From there, you'll be guided through each step of the purchasing process.

Payments are processed through PayPal:

  • You can pay for your items using your already established PayPal account.
  • Or, if you do not have a PayPal account (and do not want to set one up),
    you can make your payment using your credit or debit card.

There are many advantages to making your purchase through PayPal: processing is automatic so your order can be shipped quickly, your financial information is never seen so your private credit card and bank account numbers remain private and, if you need a refund, it's easy to receive one through PayPal.

Whether you make your purchase by using your PayPal account, or use your credit/debit card via PayPal, your transaction will be quickly and safely transmitted and completed.

Page updated Jan 9, 2020.