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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to your questions about shipping, returns, privacy, and all other policy issues, please visit Policies. For your convenience we've placed all information about policies onto that page.

Random “I'm curious” questions are here:

Can I have the size adjusted?

Yes, because comfortable fit is extremely important, especially for bracelets. Too long and they fall off; too short and they can't move.

If the size of a particular piece is not the best for you, then call or e-mail us and let us know, and we'll create your piece of jewelry to fit you exactly. Perfect fit is a wonderful benefit of owning and wearing handcrafted jewelry.

General information about standard jewelry sizes and specifics about how we measure ColorSpark jewelry can be found at Jewelry Sizes.

Can I get something that's in archives?

Maybe, depending on several different things, including timing and whether we have the materials on hand or can order them.

Unlike manufacturers, we make each piece of jewelry by hand so it may be possible to recreate a previously available item. Such flexibility is another benefit of handcrafted jewelry.

So, if you've found the perfect piece of jewelry and it happens to be in the Archives, please let us know. We'd be happy to hear from you!