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The Basics of Jewelry Care

Your ColorSpark Jewelry will stay as fresh looking as when you first received it if you handle it gently and keep in mind the pieces are made from natural materials that react to the environment.

All Jewelry

All pearls and most stones, especially the softer ones such as malachite and turquoise, will absorb oils, sprays and chemicals, and eventually be affected by whatever they absorb. Extensive cleaning can be avoided if some simple steps become part of your jewelry-care routine.

When dressing, always put your jewelry on last, after applying any perfume or hairsprays. If possible, avoid putting perfume or body lotion where your necklace or bracelet will lay so the chemicals do not accumulate on your jewelry.

When undressing, take your jewelry off first. As soon as you can, wipe your jewelry with a soft slightly damp cotton cloth to remove any oils or perspiration. Then let your jewelry lay flat and air dry. Use cotton cloths rather than tissues or paper towels — those paper products have wood fibers in them that can create tiny scratches.

After your jewelry is completely dry, wrap in anti-tarnish tissue before putting it into your jewelry box. To avoid scratches, keep each piece of jewelry separate and protected. Unwrapped jewelry can be scratched if pieces touch each other directly. Sometimes you can't even see the scratches right away but, once there, each little scratch is a place for chemicals or moisture to collect and eventually cause further damage.

Taking Care of Jewelry:

  • When dressing, put your jewelry on last (after perfume and sprays) and take it off first when undressing.
  • Never wear jewelry in a swimming pool or hot tub; the chlorine bleach in the water will damage it.
  • All bleach and other chemicals such as alcohol, acetone and turpentine will damage jewelry, especially the softer stones; their smooth glossy surface will be dulled and even pitted by chemicals.
  • When you're not wearing your jewelry, keep it out of direct sunlight.
  • To avoid scratches when being stored, wrap each piece separately in anti-tarnish tissue for jewelry or keep in its own gift box.