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Jewelry Sizes

Standard Lengths


Collar: 14"
Choker: 16"
Princess (Pendant Length): 18"
Matinee: 24"
Opera: 28" to 32"
Rope: 40"
Lariat (no clasp): 48"


Standard bracelet lengths range from 6" to 8"
Most ColorSpark bracelets are about 7-1/2" long

Millimeters to Inches

It is standard practice worldwide to indicate the size of beads and pearls in millimeters. This is the measurement that is most difficult to visualize (especially by anyone accustomed to using inches as a measuring unit).

The size of the beads helps determine the look of the jewelry: a single strand of small beads (3mm-5mm) appears more delicate than a single strand of 6mm or larger beads, but multiple strands of small beads can have the same visual presence as a single strand of bigger beads.

Because this is such an important measurement, the description of each piece of ColorSpark Jewelry includes the size of the beads or pearls used in that piece.

Millimeter-to-inch comparisons:

4mm is a little more than 1/8" (4mm = 5/32")
6mm is a tiny bit less than 1/4" (6.4mm = 1/4")
8mm is a bit more than 5/16" (7.9mm = 5/16")
10mm is a little more than 3/8" (9.5mm = 3/8")

ColorSpark Measurements

Specific measurements of ColorSpark Jewelry are included in the description of each piece.
In general:


  • Unless otherwise specified, necklace length includes the clasp and end ring.
  • Length of extender chain includes the ending beads.
  • Pendant length includes the bail that the chain goes through.
  • Chain thickness is stated in millimeters, such as 2.1mm, and is measured across the chain.


  • Viewed from the front, length is from the top of the earring to the bottom edge of the silver, gold, hanging crystal or bead.
  • Width is the widest part as seen from the front.
  • Depth is the widest part of the earring as viewed from the side.


  • Length includes the clasp and ending ring.
  • Width is the widest part when the bracelet is laid flat and viewed from above.
  • Lengths vary depending on the size of the beads and the pattern used.
  • Bracelets with larger beads are slightly longer to accommodate the depth of the beads.

We're all beautifully unique, so...

If the sizes of ColorSpark Jewelry do not suit you, please let us know. All input is welcome.