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Anti-Tarnish Tissue ~ 500 Sheets

Soft anti-tarnish tissue in economical sets

Anti-Tarnish Tissue ~ 500 Sheets  Click to enlarge:

Anti-Tarnish Tissue ~ 500 Sheets
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Your most economical choice of the best anti-tarnish tissue we've found!

500 sheets of soft, two-layer, long-lasting, non-scratching tissue:

This is the same two-layer tissue that is also sold as single packs of 200 sheets. By selling five packs as a set we can be precise about the shipping cost and you can get a good supply of high-quality anti-tarnish tissue at the lowest price per sheet (and save on shipping, too!).

This two-layer tissue is especially good for wrapping unusually shaped jewelry with sharp edges. If you're a jewelry maker, it's also great for keeping your supplies fresh and ready to use. Like the single-layer tissue, it can be used alone (recommended for wrapping pearls or opals) or inside an air-tight plastic bag (recommended for gold and silver jewelry). It can be folded, wrapped around each item, unfolded, and rewrapped many times without losing its protective quality. The more this anti-tarnish tissue is handled, the softer it becomes, unlike the stiff white jewelers' tissue that is easy to find.

Wrapping your jewelry in anti-tarnish tissue is highly recommended as the primary way to take care of your jewelry, every type of jewelry. The tissue protects against tarnishing and, just as importantly, prevents scratches caused when storing uncovered pieces of jewelry together. We purchase our anti-tarnish tissue directly from the manufacturer, who supplies this same type of tissue to some of the world's largest jewelry makers, including prestigious Tiffany & Co.

This two-layer anti-tarnish tissue will help keep your jewelry looking beautiful for years to come. Each sheet of anti-tarnish tissue is 7-1/2" x 9" with “stitching” that holds the two layers together. It is perfect for wrapping and protecting each piece of your precious jewelry and is always a pleasure to use.

One-Layer Anti-Tarnish Tissue ~ Clear
Two-Layer Anti-Tarnish Tissue ~ Stitched
  • One layer with no stitches
  • Thin soft sheets can be tightly wrapped around and conform to item's shape
  • Sheets can be sharply folded
  • Tissue can be cut into exact size you need
  • Best used for small delicate items that need close secure covering, and when presentation is most important
  • Two layers are held together by machine-made stitches
  • Sheets are thicker so they do not hold a sharp fold
  • Sheets can be pulled apart and used as one-layer tissue but will be weak where the sheets were stitched together
  • Tissue can be cut into smaller pieces (and line of stitches cut out)
  • Best used to wrap and protect unusually shaped pieces of jewelry, especially if they have sharp edges


  • 500 sheets of two-layer anti-tarnish tissue
  • Each sheet is 7-1/2" x 9"
  • Two-layer sheets are especially good for wrapping bulky jewelry with sharp edges
  • Economical bundle is also great for protecting jewelry-making supplies
  • Soft anti-tarnish tissue will not scratch jewelry and helps prevent tarnish from forming
  • Protects jewelry from being scratched by other stored items
  • Tissue becomes softer with handling
  • Tissue stays neat and ready to use inside sturdy plastic storage bags
  • Red zipper top is easy to open and close
  • You may also be interested in this anti-tarnish tissue in its one-layer unstitched form
  • See the comparison chart below to decide which anti-tarnish tissue is the best for you!