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Bracelet Helper

Easy-to-use tool holds your bracelet while you fasten the clasp

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Bracelet Helper
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Put your bracelets on without fighting the clasp, and enjoy wearing your bracelets again!

This ingeniously simple tool and its enhancements make it possible.

Keep it nearby for those times when no one's around to help you put on your bracelet. Using this bracelet clasp fastener, you'll never again struggle to put a bracelet on or wait until someone has free hands and time to help you. With this, you can easily put your bracelet on and quickly be on your way!

Does this sound familiar? You've taken the bracelet that's just right for wearing today out of your jewelry box and are ready to put it on. No one's around to help you with it, and the darn connecting ring just won't stay still long enough to get the clasp attached. And, you've got to get going. Putting on your bracelet is getting frustrating and taking way too much time.

We've had that experience, too! So, we found a solution. We call it a bracelet helper. Its official name is Bracelink™—a bracelet clasp fastener. It's an ingeniously designed tool that, simply put, holds the end ring of your bracelet steady so you can attach the clasp.

We've added some enhancements to increase the bracelet helper's versatility: silicone foam padding in the V-slot to hold the most delicate connecting ring in place and, for those times when you need to attach an S-clasp (as in photo 3), a clip to slide on that will keep a connecting ring upright even when pressure is applied to it.

The bracelet helper also works well for bracelets with a big connecting ring. Sit the ring in a ridge on top of the bracelet helper (the silicone padding will be temporarily compressed), connect your clasp, and you're good to go!

It takes some practice getting used to this tool and its enhancements, but once you do, you'll never again struggle with putting on your bracelet.

You can also use it to help take off your bracelet. Just put your wrist with your bracelet on it into the curve of the bracelet helper, move the connecting ring so it's sitting in the V-slot, and quickly undo the clasp. After a long day, easily removing your bracelet is a welcome pleasure.

Any bracelet that needs the connecting ring held in place while you attach the clasp will be a snap to put on, and take off, using this handy helper!


  • Length 5-1/4"
  • Width 1-1/2"
  • Made of smooth hard plastic with added silicone padding
  • Squared end slides onto a table edge up to 1-1/2" thick
  • Curved end with V-slot has ridges big connecting rings can sit in
  • Clip of non-tarnishing stainless steel can be used if needed to keep ring from falling forward
  • Easier to use than the widely available bracelet clasp gripper that requires twisting one hand to hold the clasp in place
  • This bracelet clasp fastener is an elegantly designed, ingeniously simple, easy-to-use little helper!